Over 90 Youth were nominated to be featured in our February 2021 Young Trailblazers Publication.  Out of that group, 72 completed the nomination process and were selected to be featured for representing themselves and their community well. 

13 & Younger

Amara Johnson
Armani Boxley
Britton-Grae Chapman
Camar Toney
Leon Tsyganok-Williams
Mariah Hofmann
Shaniyah Newland
Vachon Brackett
Zamauria Trowell
Za’mari Talbert
Zariea Patrick

14-18 Years Old

Amaya Porter
Aminah Fard
Angel Amankwaah
Antonio Martinez
Ashlee Taylor
Ashyia Allen
Asia Moss
Ayauna Smith-McCullen
Brooklyn Luckett
Cheyenne Cisse
Cierra Noel
Ciera Nykohl Bowens
Damaris Davis
Daniel Johnson
Devyn Jackson
Elishevlyne Eliason
Eli Berry
Ellis Hudson
Essence Jennings-Ward
Jaden Leverette
Jadyn Phillips
Jakye Nunley
Jaylean Franck
Je’Nia Manning
Jason Martinez
Jevon Mckinney
Jordan Coburn
Justyce Sandlin
Kelajanae Curry
Leon Baker Jr.
Leslie Koffi
Marina Fennell
Milani Cook
Ni’Asia Ali
Rachael Europe
Sa’Daiveon Newell
Savannah Williams
Sequoia Walker
Shoncire Graham
Silas Blanchard
Taylor Flowers
Trinity Roberts
Tyson McKenzie

19 & Older

Abel Shaw
Aliyah Fard
Arlonda Berry
Ashley Register
Briana Geter
Charles Johnson
Chauncey Johnson
Gabriel Peterson
Imani Lige
John Preston Hampton
Kameelah Sims Taylor
Keiyasha Grandberry
Mario Wilson
Olivia Langley
Rachel Wills Hill
Sierra Jarmon
Tianna Terrell
Theodore McClatchey

Our editorial team has been working hard to edit all the content that will be featured on our website and our trailblazer magazine.  My Black Colorado will give each youth nominee a direct link to share their content for free online and through our directory.

If you would like to subscribe to our digital or print magazine that will highlight all the youth in our Young Trailblazer Magazine,  you can go to myblackcolorado.com/subscribe

Each nominee that was selected has also been entered into our People’s Choice, Golden Ticket Awards Voting, for an opportunity for more recognition.  To vote for a youth that you support, go to myblackcolorado.com/vote  

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