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Xpressions Beauty Studio

We provide quality products and services for men and women of all ages and ethnicities and specialize in hair extensions. It’s our desire to create a lasting experience for every customer, leaving them feeling amazing and loving their hair.

Lyza Ingram | Owner of Xpressions Beauty

StudioWith over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and 10 years spent owning a salon, passion and talent are not a question when it comes to Lyza Ingram. Specializing in a wide variety of services, Lyza is prepared to utilize skill and hard to come by technique to accelerate your beauty journey

Charonda Wills | Owner of Xpressions Beauty Studio

An experienced business owner and investor, Charonda Wills directs the behind the scenes magic at Xpressions Beauty & Barber Studio. With other local companies including Club Tilt Grill, a Real Estate venture, and a Construction company, Charonda is reachable for business!


Client Testimonials

I love the atmosphere of this place I ABSOLUTELY love all the stylist when I say I was welcomed with open arms now they stuck with my behind

Lyza is the real deal! She did a beautiful job on my hair!!!! She walks you through step by step on what she is doing with your hair. We had great conversations! She teaches you how to take care of your hair. She is patient, kind, funny and last of all, great at what she does! Thanks again Lyza for making me feel/look so beautiful

Best hair salon in Colorado Springs! Extremely professional and highly recommend.

I just recently heard about Xpressions through a friend of mine. I was kind of skeptical about going but I’m glad I did. The staff was very friendly and did exactly what I needed them to do. I went to Lyza for a sew-in on a Thursday, which she slayed! Then I came back on that following Saturday to have my curls touched up and my makeup done by Maisha for my wedding. I was nervous about getting my makeup done because I’d never gotten it done before but Maisha was confident and made sure that I knew that I was in good hands. Everything all together took a little over an hour but I left out of the salon feeling like 1 million bucks. I would refer anyone to come to Xpressions, you won’t be disappointed!

e xpresssions of Colorado springs has fabulous customer service, great, makes you all warm n fuzzy inside thanks to you all so go get your hair ,makeup, just get it done, myesha is my pick she slayed me always but as I sit in the chair I watch them all perfect their skills will not stop won’t stop cheers to Cory ,mouse, Taylor, my wonderful creative stylist Meisha, and Mz Liza you definitely lead by example props to you, ohhhh sorry Lil bit your braids is definitely on much love Mrs T Gold

UJIMA! is that Bomb Dot Com! I went in she washed and cut my Hair and I Love it and the Best happened MY HUBBY LOVES IT! BOOM!

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