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Bodies Of Self Love

Tips and Inspiration to Loving Yourself through your Fitness Journey

Watching Your Clothes Fall Off

Capture the process! I always encourage people to take pictures of their progress. Why? Because a lot of times we try to inspect our bodies every day in the mirror which causes us to not see the actual improvement. But pictures bring us clarity and help aid in knowing what needs to be worked on.   Also not only will you be able to feel your clothes fitting differently but with pictures you can get a visual of how you are transforming.  I like to take pictures 2 to 3 weeks apart from each other to give me an idea of what area I am improving in. And I try to stay committed with my pictures for at least 3 months to see if any of the results will pop out even more. So please don’t give up after week one, I encourage you to keep working hard with your workouts and eating routines.  Any progress is good progress.  TAKE THE PICTURES !!!

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Eliminate Comparison

It is important to stop comparing yourself to every “perfect picture” that you come across.  Of course images are perfect on social media because there

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