Victoria Lipscomb | Songwriter, Singer & Music Director

Victoria Lipscomb started singing when she was five years old and hasn’t stopped since. Her elementary school music teacher who heard her singing, contacted her mother, and requested Lipscomb’s placement in her choir. Typically, a student is required to 8 years old before they can join the choir, but the music teacher was confident she would do well. Her mother said yes, and Victoria’s musical training started. She recalls, “I had an exceptional music teacher that made sure I understood music theory, how to read music, and count music, etc.”

Victoria took to music and it to her like a well-fitting outfit. Since then, music has been a part of the young singer’s life in every way. Her talent for singing extended to an interest in musical instruments. By the age of sixteen, Victoria could play four instruments including bass, piano, drums, and all percussion instruments.

Eager to broaden her musical portfolio, Victoria began trying her hand at songwriting and found she had a special knack for that too. “I like to write about everything. A lot of stuff I have written lately has been socially and politically charged. Sometimes even those songs can sound like a love song, but it’s really about the government or something. Everybody gets to decide what it means to them, and that’s what makes artistry…art.”
Edited by Porsha Stuckey

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victoria lipscomb AKA Lyrick
Director of Colorado Springs Children's Choir
Director of Music at First Baptist Church of COS