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Urban Survival Fitness & Wellness

Local Black and Woman owned Fitness and Wellness Center

Urban Survival Fitness Small Group Workout is a program specifically designed to integrate various forms of fitness; including sports specific, martial arts and dance techniques. Add in body weight, cardio and flexibility training and we have created and Urban Survival Fitness Class which guarantees results geared toward being “The Best Me I Can Be”. Urban Survival Fitness Founder, Jeffrey McMillan, and Wellness Coach Terri Carrigan, along with their staff, have created individual and team work-outs designed to push everyone, at ANY fitness level, to accomplish their own individual goals while encouraging friendly competition, camaraderie, and self-discipline. Classes are UNIQUE, HIGH ENERGY, INTENSE AND FUN!

Current classes include: group workouts, Salsa, Bachata and Personal Training. Classes are added regularly based on demand.

Also offered through Urban Survival Fitness intermittently throughout the year is Urban Self Defense, a 5 hour intense, powerful, hands on Self Defense program for women.

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Terri Carrigan

Terri Carrigan

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