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Tivoni Brundage

. I want to make a statement with my artwork in a way people can see and feel; artwork that's blatant and in your face. When it comes to doing business with other people, my main thing is helping other people to heal.

What do you do and why you do it?

My passion is art. I’ve been an artist since I was seven, which is when I started drawing. I’m currently active duty in the Army, but I’m getting out to pursue my passion. I do it because, in a way, art has a kind of healing aspect. My goal is to make a bunch of Black art that caters to people of diverse cities and basically to create amazing Renaissance art. I want to make art that’s Black so that people like me can see themselves in the artwork.

What do you mean when you say you paint to heal?

The series I’m currently working on tells a story about things that bother me, have affected me, or have otherwise contributed to who I am. When I put these things out there, I realize other people can relate to it in a way they didn’t think of before. It helps them heal because they get to see their thoughts and feelings validated in the work I produce. My art is not just art; it’s an experience. It’s something that I get to really dive into. By the end, it tells a story or has a song that goes with it.

How did you get started?

I saw an artist that made a bunch of different art pieces, and I was inspired. So I just started watching some YouTube videos on what I needed, and I started making oil paintings. I got the opportunity to take painting more seriously a few years later because I was more secluded. I didn’t have anyone around me, so there weren’t many distractions. I just dived right into it, and it’s been thriving ever since.

What are some values that you live by in business or life?

Being very honest and very blunt and emotionally raw when it comes to my artwork. I want to make a statement with my artwork in a way people can see and feel; artwork that’s blatant and in your face. When it comes to doing business with other people, my main thing is helping other people to heal. Many people who have purchased my work have told me it’s like taking home something that brings a lot of joy and peace. My work brings good energy because every time I create a piece, it’s like I’m putting myself into it.

What are you learning in this season of business?

Mainly I’m learning how to heal. The current thing on me right now is my healing, and how I’m achieving that and how I’m helping other people achieve healing, and I’m doing it in many different forms of artwork. I’m also doing it in my conversations with people, diving into my ancestors.  As far as running my business, I’m learning my past has a lot to do with where I’m going. My artwork is helping me to heal from my past. I’m turning it into something that’s making me get to where I need to be to help others.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Keep going. Somewhere along the way, I stopped believing. So I would encourage myself to continue with the passion for being an artist and to not let society deter you.

What are you excited about right now?

I’m excited to see where it’s going honestly because I’m at a point where a lot of things are coming into my mind. I’m not just doing art, but multiple different things. So I’m excited to see everything that I will put out there. I’m excited because I know that I’m on the brink of something really big, and I know that I’m about to be in the spotlight to help people.

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