Tina Adams | Author

Tina Adam’s passion for writing began when she was a young girl writing for her high school newspaper. Since then, she has authored and co-authored three books to include her best-seller, “Out of Darkness.” Her next book, “Woman at The Well: Laugh, Love and God,” will be released in early 2020. Ms. Adams has always loved writing and sharing messages that God would give her through the written word. She began freelance editing in 2019, and soon after launched her editing company, Inkwell Edits. Her heart is rooted in helping people produce well-written works of art by ensuring their messages shine through without textual errors. Her repertoire is vast. She possesses expertise in copy-editing, as well as composing articles and book blurbs.
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Tina Adams

How did you get started?

After going through several life challenges, I decided to write a book that also doubles as a journal to help others process and overcome challenging minutes in their journey.

Can you share an exciting milestone of your career?

 When I was able to sign an official copy of my book and give it to my daughter, it was amazing watching her eyes light up. I hope to inspire my children to write their own stories.

What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Believe in what you are writing. If you can reach just one person with your work, then you have reason to believe that you can reach a million!

What are you learning about your industry?

That a hybrid way of publishing is a better route when considering traditional publishing vs. being an Indi-author. What I mean by this is that there are many smaller publishing companies that authors can use if they don’t go the traditional route or self-publish.

What advice would you give people in the industry?

Copyright everything you do and always utilize an editor!



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