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Timothy Farad

This Award Winning, My Black Colorado Print Magazine will be Delivered To Your Door Step Every Month

Timothy Farad

My approach to acupuncture is rooted in the idea that the natural state of the body is one of balance and health.

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Yin Fire

My dedication to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine stems from the drive to maximize my own mental, physical and spiritual potential. Not only is it interesting that most any pathology can be addressed, but also the patterns of disease can be identified well before a full manifestation shows itself. In my personal life, I use acupuncture and herbal remedies in conjunction with a whole life system that includes regular exercise, meditation, qi gong, the iching and a high quality diet etc.. Such a comprehensive approach has enabled me to accomplish just about any and every goal that I’ve set for myself. I am convinced that I can help others attain a mind, body, spirit balance that will not only allow for maximum healing and over all well-being, but also set the stage for the accomplishment of ones most important life’s goals. Enjoying all-round health and wellness is required for success and makes it much easier to live and fulfill your life’s purpose.

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