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Tiffany Ball & Lauren Shawcross | Hospitality Professionals

Tiffany Ball
Even though I have been in the hospitality industry for 14 years, it was not my initial career choice. I had an opportunity to become a teacher but dropped out and became a hotel manager. Every time I left the hospitality industry, I told myself I would never go back, but then I furthered my education and kept getting promoted, I stayed.

I have gone from Louisville to Massachusetts, to Houston, to Albuquerque, to Colorado Springs. I like hospitality, because I love how you can start from the bottom, no matter who you are, and show your gumption and get promoted to a general manager,

One of my favorite sayings are by Angela Duckworth, and it says, “everybody has enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is common, but what is not common is endurance.” I learned in business that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, just as long as you can push through those hard times, you’ll be successful.

What kind of skills does someone need tto get into the industry?

Tiffany Ball
You have to be able to be a chameleon being able to respond to different people in different ways. You need to be able to resolve issues on your own and being able to think on your feet. In this industry, you can go a long way with the right attitude. I believe Intellect is something you can’t teach easily, so if you want to travel to the United States or the world, get your foot in the right door and company; if you make the right move, you may not have to pay for anything.

Lauren Shawcross
Tiffany has truly opened my eyes about what else is out there. I always believed sales was going to be my avenue, but when you work with someone who is a great leader, it inspires you and gives you that feeling that you can do more. I know I’m going to stay in this industry and I don’t see what’s next. Eventually, I want to get back into the corporate side of hospitality, manage multiple properties, and go up from there.

I have always believed that if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re just not big enough. I never thought that in my 20s, I’d be working for a company that manages over 30 hotels and buying properties. I never thought that in my mid-30s, I would be overseeing the sales of two properties. Life has so much to offer, and I’m going to do everything I can to grab every little bit of it.

Don’t accept the glass ceilings that may be placed on you, hoping that one day they will give you a chance, stop wasting your time and giving years to a place that doesn’t appreciate you. Now is the time to take a leap of faith and jump off the cliff, start being appreciated somewhere and let your black magic shine.

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