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Taj Stokes Co-Founder / Executive Director Taj Stokes is a Financial Advisor, Graduate of Charis Bible College, Head Pastor of Passion City Church, member of Business Network International, and former Board of Director for Shasta Lake Chamber of Commerce. Fun fact about Taj: He has jumped out of a moving vehicle and a burning vehicle.
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In 2015, the Thrive Network was established out of the necessity for community revitalization and safety. With growing impoverishment, THRIVE uses Entrepreneurship as an economic and community development tool to restore prosperity to at-risk communities. We equip entrepreneurs to thrive by helping them start their businesses and uplifting their surrounding communities.

We take entrepreneurs through a one-year intensive program that provides them with hands-on EDUCATION, MENTORSHIP, NETWORKING and SCHOLARSHIP opportunities. The Thrive Program is designed to help entrepreneurs through struggles that arise in the first years of business ownership, ensuring longevity and success.

Educators & Mentors
In addition to classroom instruction THRIVE provides technical advisors, personal coaching, and industry mentors. All enrolled, and graduate entrepreneurs have access to THRIVE’s network of professionals for support, partnerships and discounted services for business needs.

THRIVE enrolls those in all stages of business development. People looking to start or build a business in the southeast side of Colorado Springs OR current entrepreneurs looking to strengthen and grow their already established businesses.
This course is designed to positively impact your business up front, so you have the resources to commit in paying it forward to help an entrepreneur in the following class.

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