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Theo Gregory | El Pomar – Emerging Leaders Program

Theo Gregory began working at the El Pomar Foundation in 1998. He currently oversees community outreach programs as a senior vice president. The Foundation’s current outreach efforts focus on youth and educational programs; ethnic minorities; emerging leaders, and amateur sports. The El Pomar emerging leaders program—a collaborative effort with El Pomar and the Center for Nonprofit Excellence– was established in 2001 to help develop the untapped wealth of diverse leadership potential within southern Colorado. The program identifies and encourages emerging ethnic minority leaders to embrace service through broad-based community involvement and civic engagement. It offers community leadership development training and outreach activities, while also providing scholarships for selected individuals who take part in these leadership programs.

In 2006, as an extension of the Emerging Leaders Program, El Pomar established the Milton E. Proby Cultural Heritage Room at Penrose House. The room is dedicated to preserving and documenting the contributions of African-American, Asian, Hispanic/Latino and Native American individuals from Southern Colorado. Each year a different ethnic minority leader is honored.

information from the El Pomar Foundation | ElPomar.org

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