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Bodies Of Self Love

Tips and Inspiration to Loving Yourself through your Fitness Journey

The Starting Lineup 

Starting out slowly is the best way to start. A lot of times people put entirely too much on themselves and get overwhelmed. Your time should be effective and gradual. You want to love yourself through the process and quit thinking so much about the end goal. What happens when people only visualize the end goal is that they take away the beauty of the process. Starting slow allows you to become aware of what you truly need to work on and allows you to be more appreciative of your body. When you think about it , our bodies are very powerful. We do so much with our bodies and ignore the system because we are so focused on the bigger picture of being “perfect.” Perfect doesn’t exist. So start slow with smaller goals and learn to trust the journey. Besides, you are already beautiful and you deserve to own your confidence.

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Eliminate Comparison

It is important to stop comparing yourself to every “perfect picture” that you come across.  Of course images are perfect on social media because there

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