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Tag: military

Robin Bell

Despite military experience and more, Robin Bell felt institutional racism was depriving him of one job after another. So he created his own business, began employing other veterans and working to break down barriers to success forthe disadvantaged.

Dr. Julia Woodhouse

I love the experience that the military offered. But there are times in the military that I was not provided the best atmosphere our best resources for me.

Tracy Asher

A former military veteran who served the United States Army for almost 20 years and 8 years as DoD. She is also one of the recipients of the Pike Peak Community College 50th Promise Scholarship.

La Shun Mosley

My perspective of patriotism is that it should be determined and valued in how we treat each other and how we value and teach future generations.

Wilford Toney

Patriotism is having pride in the United States. Being an American is as about holding up the values.

Treyvon Averhart

I am a Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy.  This is my Junior year. I am majoring in Management.

Tarikh Brown

I was the guy they came to get everything from toilet paper to a tank. I also had to account for all the items on the property book.

Regina Lewis

Patriotism is supporting our country, which means to stay united, be inclusive.  Respecting others  differences doesn’t mean you are deficient. 

Shawn McWilliams

If you are going to take the opportunity to serve your country understand which branch of the service suits you best

Willie Breazell

To me, patriotism is your willingness to serve and die if necessary for others for a greater cause.

Ralph Mccoy

Patriotism is selfless service, someone who loves their country! I also believe that there are challenges in today’s climate that makes it difficult to feel patriotic.

Paula Polk

My prospective of Patriotism is continued support through devotion by serving America’s Hero’s as I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA hospital).  

Paul Hasty

I bleed red, white, and blue, but I understand that we are not treated equally as black men. So my focus was to do a good job in the military to come out and have a good job and a good life for my family.

Nija Holmes

My love, my devotion for being a United States Army soldier. Being a part of something much bigger than me has helped me grow in so many ways.  I hope that I can give the Army 20 years one day.

Marques Bellaire

Patriotism, in my definition, is the act of not only being loyal to one’s country, but to acknowledge how this country came to be. It is the act of accepting the horrific events in the past, and using the lessons from the past to build upon a brighter future.

Dr. Louis L. Fletcher

I believe patriotism is a defense of what the nation should be in the face of the shortfalls of equity and inclusion experienced by minority military members.

Leanne Wheeler

I knew when I enlisted that the US Constitution was NOT written for people who looked like me.

Alicia Cooper

The military has taught me to be open-minded in trying out new things, meeting new people, and visiting different places.

Jakyra Johnson

Joining the military is a popular option for a mom trying to make a better life for herself and her kids. You really have to weigh that option out.

Frank Jackson

patriotism is an interesting topic given this country’s history with African Americans. So in my opinion, it is always somewhat difficult to express what patriotism truly means to me…I’m ultimately protecting this country and my loved ones who reside in it, from enemies foreign and domestic and that what it boils down to for me.

Deorah Moultrie

I believe a patriot is someone that has love or devotion to their country.  I love what I got to do for my country. I appreciate the opportunities my service has afforded me.

David Berry

 I learned many lessons during my military service, but the biggest lesson l learned was taking responsibility for my own life and actions.

Clinton Cheeseboro

Enlisting in 1952, Clinton entered during a time of segregation and discrimination. He had to overcome a lot of adversity as he worked his way up the ranks, eventually retiring as a Senior Master Sergeant.

Bruce Simon

The military has had a major impact on my life. It’s taught me leadership, ethics, essential core values and most importantly how to apply all of these characteristics in my everyday life.

Barbara Myrick

Freedom isn’t free and I think people in this country don’t appreciate the military as much as they should, I feel that they don’t realize the sacrifice.

Alfred Smith

Being in the military is not like other career paths, it has not only pushed me to be better as a person but as a father and dad.

Alton Clark

I am a son of a World War II veteran, which taught me honor, respect, and unselfishness.

Sefra Powell Burrell

This veteran served in the Navy and loves giving back to her community as a minister of the faith.

Wilbert Embry

Patriotism is about respecting the country and people.  Allowing everyone a fair and even voice.

Edgar Wilson

Joining the Air force at 17 was the start of his great adventure. He says he was happy to see the world and through the good and bad, it satisfied his curiosity.

Carrie L Barnhill

I saw an opportunity to fulfill my childhood dreams to dance all night, go to Paris, buy fashionable outfit and see all of the places I studied in my History classes. God fulfilled all of my wishes!!!

Jennifer Yancey

Patriotism is not about cloth. People get too wrapped up in symbols of patriotism, that they have no idea what it means to be a “Patriot.”

Robrandon Bee

My brother was in the Marines and I initially wanted to follow his footsteps, but he told me I should got into the Air Force. I went to college for a year then decided to take his suggestion.

Kimber Reese

As for the biggest lesson I learned while serving, I would say that there are no excuses. You do the job and are recognized for success; you mess up and take accountability, relearn, and keep going because the world is not going to throw you a pity party.

Rodney Gullatte Jr

There are different types of people who go into the military. For me, it was supposed to be a stepping stone to weather a bad economic environment. Get what I want and then I’ll get out and go pursue my career.

Leona Abdullah-Ward

“We have been loyal to this country, and we fought in every war, so it’s time for us to be loyal to each other. ”

Benjamin Anderson

In 1969, I was drafted into the armed forces. This was during the Vietnam era and when young black boys were drafted into the U.S. Army.

Donna Nelson

“I see things differently now than I did when I joined the Army, and I am still proud to be an American.”

Julie Hicks

Patriotism is learning to love the country in which I served for 20 years despite its shortcomings. It means being able to teach my children not to lose faith in our justice system.

Terrance McWilliams

A retired Command Sergeant Major, who was in charge of Fort Carson with 24,000 soldiers underneath him.

Mercedes Moore

Patriotism to me is to Stand by Your Country. To stand by your people no matter what color they are, red, black, orange, green, regardless.

James Stewart

The desire to fly fast and single seat was my only desire.

Lowell Bell

Air Force Command, Assistant Director of Operational Inspections

Raymond V. McMillan

System Integration Office, and assistant deputy chief of staff, systems integration,
logistics and support, U.S. Air Force Space Command

Colonel Otis C. Jones

The Vice Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. He serves as chief operations officer and executive advisor to the Superintendent. He is the principal coordinating agent for all command matters.

Lieutenant General Richard M. Clark

The Superintendent, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. He directs a four-year regimen of military training, academics, athletic and character development programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force or United States Space Force.

Russell Moss

Serving your country with a purpose to make it better for the next generation of military personnel and leaving you mark on the service provided.

Leonard Anderson

While I don’t wrap myself in an American flag and run around yelling, “America, America!” I did feel it was my duty to serve my country.

Sharai Johnson

Sharai Johnson is the founder of WeAssist, a Colorado based company that strives to support businesses by matching them to administrative professionals and providing long-term opportunities for professional candidates in the United States, that wouldn’t traditionally have access to remote work or are underutilized due to non-flexibility.

Shirley Matinez

It’s about being versatile, being strong. It’s about not letting people hold you back and understanding that there are challenges being a woman in the Military.

Prince Porter

I did become more patriotic while I was in the Air Force because I appreciated some of the opportunities that it gave me

Shunna Flowers

Shunna has always been an outstanding example for service members and women to follow. She is honest and cares about all around her.

James Flowers

Yes, serving has made me a better person and I have made lifelong friends, brothers and sisters in arms.

Gail Colvin

I think patriotism is about a commitment and a responsibility to make the country better no matter where you sit.

Dr. James Colvin

Colonel Colvin was a Senior Navigator with nearly 2,000 flying hours. He served as a B-52 Instructor, and Standardization and Evaluation Electronic Warfare Officer, squadron commander…

Carlos Gonzalez Jr.

The Military helped me be a more well-rounded leader because I understood that there are multiple perspectives on any topic.

John Register

“You’re not a patriot just because you hang your American Flag. You are a patriot when you are fighting for the greater good within your country despite all the odds against you.”

Hotel Elegante

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