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Tag: education

Cuttin’ Up Beauty Academy | Karren Hall

we offer you the basic Cosmetology, Barber, Hairstylist, Manicure, and Esthetician training coupled with hands on experience to assist you in passing the state examination.

More Than Curly | Melissa Vaz

More Than Curly Salon specializes in Curly Hair Cuts, Color, Education and Style, for those who want to fall in love with their Curls again and again.

Dr. Annette Sills-Brown

Dr. Annette Sills Brown taught in Denver Public Schools & was an Adjunct Professor at Community College of Denver and Leroy Brown is a retired educator from Denver Public Schools. The Browns are happy to say that TheEduCtr has survived over 35 years of commitment of educational services to the Denver Metro area and has honored over 200 educators of Color throughout Colorado. They offer many educational classes for all age groups in a pandemic. TheEduCtr has been an enormous “labor of love” and commitment to the community of Colorado.

Dr. Claudette Evette Francois Sweet

Dr. Sweet  was a Community and Reading Specialist  with Denver Public Schools for over  25 years. A Reporter and Photojournalist for The Denver Weekly News, the oldest and only African American oriented newspaper in Colorado.

Theresa Newsom

a Gifted and Talented Teacher in D11 Colorado Springs Schools who has a dual emphasis on children of color and the development of leadership skills in identified gifted and high ability students.

Idris Goodwin

Director of the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College | I believe that it’s only through education that the world becomes better. It is how we can become better stewards of the world and of each other. 

Kadari Taylor-Watson

8th Grade Science Teacher, Kids Teach Kids Teacher, Learning Coach at Third Future School at Coperni 2 Charter School in Colorado Springs

Debra Wynn

(Retired) Elementary School Principal and District Office Administrator
I was the first African American Female Administrator in Harrison School District 2

Charmas B. Lee

Certified USA Track and Field Level-3 Coach

Vanessa Little

Substitute Teacher For Colorado Springs School District 11 & Piano Teacher. “Education opens doors to so many opportunities.”

Janie W. Fannings

Special Education Teacher at Fox Meadow Middle School in Harrison District 2 in Colorado Springs

Chuck Acker

Lead Classroom Educator at Friends First

Ilasiea Gray

Professional Actress, Teaching Artist, Kids Acting Coach & Children’s Theatre Director

Janiece Mackey

Co-founder and Executive Director of (YAASPA) Young Aspiring Americans for Social and Political Activism

Latricia Ferris

Financial Literacy Teacher, Mentor & Life Coach

Remembrance Wellness & Yoga LLC

Traveling studio specializing in yoga for women, under-served communities and social justice and trauma healing.

Anthony P. Young | Achieving Healthier Lifestyles, LLC

I grew up in a single-parent household in the projects on the Southside of Chicago. I reasoned that if I could solve my own problems, I might be skilled enough to help others. So, I decided to pursue a career in psychology.

Victoria Lipscomb | Shine Nation

We are a non-profit that provides life changing, character building opportunities for underserved youth in our community, through participation in the arts.

Kenneth Crowley | Crowley Foundation

A proud graduate of Langston University, Kenneth is living proof that education is a must for today, tomorrow and beyond. Good values were instilled in him at an early age by both parents and all of his siblings. While interning at Langston, he was able to actually see the importance a foundation can have on a community. He also realized the importance of giving back and helping others. It wasn’t until later that he decided to creat his own way of “giving back”. The Crowley Foundation is an avenue that will prepare today’s youth for tomorrow.

Hotel Elegante

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