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Superior Barbershop North

Superior Barbershop North

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Superior Barbershop North is one of Colorado Springs prestige barbershops in this beautiful city. We take pride in providing a experience your not going to get anywhere else. Let us help you achieve the desired look you want. Book today!

Special Instructions :  Appointments are made to minimize your waiting time at the barbershop. Although we are very strict with our schedule, some inconveniences can happen like for example, if the previous appointment showed up late, its to expect that the barber is going to be running behind a few minutes. The barber will always communicate with you and explain the situation. It is your responsibility to communicate with the barber and make the decision of waiting or going to the next available barber.

Appointment Cancellation Policy:  Please give your barber at least 3 hours notice for cancellation. We understand things happen. Most shops have a 24 hour notice. We just would like to fill the spot if we can. After no showing your barber 3 times with no call, you will be blocked from scheduling. Thank you and hope you understand our policy. We hope to keep everyone happy.

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