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Steven Brackett | Flobots | Youth On Record

we are an organization that seeks to address inequity and lack of access to resources and personal Power by using music as a Content delivery method for Liberation. And we take that very seriously.
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Interview With Steven Brackett

Can you just share what youth on record is about 

we are an organization that seeks to address inequity and lack of access to resources and personal Power by using music as a Content delivery method for Liberation. And we take that very seriously. We see that the young people that we serve, particularly black and brown children historically do not have the same access to resources or even imagination or even the opportunity to imagine a world for themselves of opportunities where they get to set their own stars and determine who they want to be.   we use music as our main method to start addressing that inequity because that’s where young people are. young people are engaged in music, either going to make it or consume it. That’s why we collaborate with them

How did this get started?

way that youth on record became what it is is a very actually long process.  good ideas require many hands to refine it into something that’s necessary and needed and effective. We started  a band a Colorado called flobots. of which I am a member of. We were creating our platform as local musicians and we decided that it wasn’t enough to talk about  social justice saying about Equity at bars late at night. We felt like there had to be something more to create a pathway through it. if anybody’s listening to our music and they want to access their power and use it if we needed to create some Pathways.  We had this desire early on before we were a national band. We created our own nonprofit and out of that was the basic seeds of what we have today, youth on record.

What are you currently excited about that’s happening with youth on record?

Well, the main thing that I think everybody who’s on staff is really excited about is our students ,they are brilliant. They are hungry and they are talented. What’s also exciting is the staff itself. It’s an amazing group of incredible artists. Almost everyone on staff is a musician, that’s who we attract.  Our staff is probably the most diverse staff in Colorado. When you’re in alignment with your community and you’re really reaching out, then people from the Community will come in and join us. I like being able to walk up in this place and know that we’re doing something right.

What what are you excited about moving forward?

In Denver we are hemorrhaging as a black community.  What used to be pretty powerful black community, is not being separated. This is now like the one of the most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in the country.   my increasing rental prices the cost of living and property values make it hard. I see people who look like me being regularly priced out of neighborhoods that have been historically black and brown.  I am ready to dig my heels in and just reinvest and try to wait it out and hope this pendulum swings the other way. without people in the community standing up like like brother Jeff is, we would farther behind in preparing our Next Generation. So I’m very committed to making sure that there will be something here and I will continue to fight to reverse this [trend that’s prioritizing property values over communities


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