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Stephen Chandler | Colorado Springs Utilities

As a 15-year employee of Colorado Springs Utilities, currently I’m the North District Energy Supply Maintenance Superintendent.

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Skilled black employees that work for Colorado Springs Utilities

Stephen Chandler | North District Energy Supply Maintenance Superintendent

As a 15-year employee of Colorado Springs Utilities, currently I’m the North District Energy Supply Maintenance Superintendent. My responsibilities include oversight of maintenance activities, budgeting and the continuous improvement of plant maintenance practices for all North District Energy Supply Assets.

The Energy Supply Maintenance Department is comprised of individuals from very diverse backgrounds and experiences. This diversity leads to creative problem-solving, resulting in improved work processes and procedures. Throughout my career, I have attempted to maintain a focus on team cohesion. This stems from the belief that a strong team gives all members a voice and differences of opinion do not discourage outside-the-box thinking.

My personal experience is an example of how Springs Utilities is an inclusive employer. Entering the workforce after college, I quickly began to question my career path. I missed working with my hands and the satisfaction it brought. After several years of trying to find my way in the office environment, I decided to seek out career alternatives. Through employment research and a few chance meetings with Springs Utilities employees, I was convinced Springs Utilities was the organization I wanted to be part of. 

They spoke of an environment that was open to internal mobility. Having no power generation experience at the time, fifteen years ago I was offered an entry-level position within the Energy Supply Department. Through the strength of the apprenticeship programs and a personal commitment to continuous improvement, I’m now in a position where I’m able to provide similar opportunities for others.

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