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Senior Life Insurance Company

Legacy Assurance

Live for today, plan for tomorrow. We are a company committed to helping reduce the financial and emotional stress than can come with planning a funeral at the time of need.

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Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Young

I am excited to offer families a product that is highly needed.  Final Expense.  What is Final Expense?  Final Expense can include covering the costs of your funeral, medical bills, or leaving a legacy to your family.  I show families how I can help them save money with our company by purchasing Final Expense Insurance with my company. I show them how they can save between 30-80% off of funeral expense.  A good example of how I help families save  is the cost of a casket.  A typical casket can cost a family an average of $6,000, but with our company, a family can purchase a 18-Gauge Steel Casket locked in at $1500.  That's a $4500 savings!  There's other ways I help families but they must set up an appointment to meet with me and discuss how I can help you  save money and protect your insurance.  

Death is a subject no one likes to talk about.  However, it is necessary to plan for it now so your love ones won't have to later on.  Spare your loved ones the emotional burden of planning your funeral when you can take care of that now.

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