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Sammie Blaque | Hypnotherapist & Yoga Instructor

The Venus Collective is a community of women on a mission to empower our community to live holistically. We believe that when a woman is empowered, awakened, and liberated, she can impact her community in an extremely positive way. We believe this world can get better through an army of empowered and awakened women.

The Venus Collective

We experience the world through our senses. I find that most women who join our community are exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, and anxious. They feel disconnected from their emotions and bodies. Through the simplest techniques, I teach women how to renew themselves. Lessons include how to savor food when eating, appreciating the textures of things you touch, or using sacred movements like yoga or dance.

At the end of the day, we aspire to help women get reacquainted with their emotions, their physicality, and their society. We call this, “wholistic sensuality.”

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