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Salon Plush | Sylvia Mitchell

This Award Winning, My Black Colorado Print Magazine will be Delivered To Your Door Step Every Month

Salon Plush | Sylvia Mitchell

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What is the first thing someone should do if they are considering getting a wig?

You should definitely do a consultation so that you and your stylist are both on the same page, making sure that you have the correct texture for your need at the moment. I always encourage the stylists to discuss the price because wigs and weaves are a delicacy. And it’s not something that you have to have. It’s just like a man having a red Corvette. This is our toy as a woman. A lot of women need it for different medical purposes. But some women have hair down to their rump, and they are still braiding that hair up and weaving. It’s very expensive. You always want to let your clients know that it’s an expensive game. You don’t want someone to come and feel like they can get a lower grade hair, you can get the lower grade hair, but you’re going to get less of a result. I’ve had many people just really get hyped up about what they see on social media. And when they come to find out what it is about breaking it down to the actual melt, the tinting of the lace, and what it takes to make a really good weave come to life for a really good wig, It’s working; it’s time, and it’s money. But in the end, it can be just a dream. You can be so versatile. You can be Suzy, or you can be Karen, or you can be Beyonce.

So what do you suggest for those people who need to be more cost-efficient?

You definitely want to find the lace closures. That’s the beginning of it. Expressions Beauty Studios carries nice ways closures, Janet Perrault has nice closures. Taylor Ellis has nice closures; you want to have a good closure. Closures are going to run you $100 or more. I don’t recommend that you get one that comes with the hair because you’re making it basically impossible for us to customize it. It needs to be thinned down in the front so that it looks natural. You pull up these ads on Facebook, and it looks just perfect, like it’s their hair. They all come like that. That’s unrealistic. There’s one company that sells wigs on Facebook, and the wigs are just beautiful, but they don’t come like that. These people are pulling them right out of the box, and they put it right in your hand. The truth is that they have to be customized first. A lot of people are coming in with false expectations. You have to do your homework and consult with a good stylist before you come in. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. It takes work, and it also takes maintenance.

What makes you stand out that?

I’m 35 years into doing hair and Cosmetology. I think that builds up the reputation that I have because I really do love what I do. I love my people. I care about you, and how you feel when you leave here, how you go out into the world and look people directly in the eye and say, “I am all that.” To do that, you have to really care about what you do and how you do it. I don’t want anybody walking out of my salon feeling anything but beautiful. It means everything to me. This is not about money. We all have to make a living. It’s very important that you consider the person in your chair, pretend as if it was you.

What advice you have for newcomers coming into the hair game?

I graduated from beauty school. I believe it was two people out of a class of 16 that still do hair. And the reason why is because they didn’t have the passion. You need to have passion. This is not something you can do for just money. You got to love it. If you want to be a lawyer, doctor, or counselor, it takes a lot of hours and time. It’s way beyond money. You gotta love it. It’s like cooking. The best ingredient you can put in your meal is love, and if you don’t love doing hair, if you don’t love people, customer service, this is the wrong industry for you.

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