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Ronnie Haskins | Autosearch USA

Ronnie started in the auto industry in 1993 - selling cars at a dealership in Minnesota.  After 5 years he realized he wanted to offer his clients something more...  He really wanted to offer a solution to people's needs instead of selling them a car that day.  Becoming a broker has given him the opportunity to be unbiased about any car, and helpful to people.   In 1998 Ronnie joined AutoSearch USA, and eventually bought the Southern Colorado franchise in 2007.  "I love what I do!  I like to help people, and I am looking forward to helping you!"

Tips for buying a car

#1 determine your budget.
Determine how much money you make per year and write that down. Believe It or not, there are some of us that do not know. We’ve been working in the same habits for quite some time, and all the money’s on automatic payments and automatic direct deposit. A lot of us don’t know precisely what the dollars are that are coming into our household every year and what’s going out. Pull up a budget calculator online and then look at what you’re making every month or year. Remember, we’re talking about choosing a car not just for today that we all feel good about emotionally, but one that doesn’t derail us from doing other things that makes us money.

# 2 Separate your wants, likes, and needs
How many people do you need to carry around on a regular basis? If you’re not getting a vehicle with a third-row seating than most of the rest of the cars on the market are five seaters. If you have two kids and you’re married, two dogs, and other responsibilities like taking kids to school, going on trips or skiing. These types of things can determine what you need. My daughter’s in gymnastics and my son is in Taekwondo, and they have bags, gear, friends and other things that can start to fill that car up quickly. Also, look at what you have now. If you’re driving a Minivan, does it have dual power doors, side airbags, front wheel drive, or a DVD player? You also want to write down what you wish you had. Maybe it’s a backup camera or four doors.

#3 Leave room to invest in your future
Is your car payment keeping you from investing? If you can’t invest every month on a regular basis into your future and your retirement because of your car payment, maybe you’re looking at the wrong car. That’s a tough one for us to swallow in our society today. All of us want what we want when we want it, and we will find out ways to buy it. Do you want to take the extra 300 a month and put it into a car? or Do you want to continue to invest in things. like your kids’ college and savings?

#4 Schedule a test drive
See if it fits you well. Determine where your blind spots are when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. I can see out of most cars, but my wife’s only 5 foot tall. Blind spots can change when you’re sitting in the car.

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