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Rhoda Design Group | Rhoda Johnson

Rhoda Design Group | Rhoda Johnson

Hollywood Trained Image Consultant and Makeup Artist/ Image Consulting

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Rhoda Johnson is a Hollywood Trained Image Brand Strategist and Makeup Artist, and Founder of Rhoda Design Group. She offers Image Consulting for professionals and organizations. She provides transformative private sessions and workshops sharing her expertise from 40 years in the Beauty and Fashion Industries working for prestigious brands. Rhoda is a sought after keynote speaker and author of 50 Plus Marketplace News “Ageless Beauty” articles, Entrepreneur Platform Digital Magazine’s Personal Brand articles and her blogs.

Rhoda has consulted celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Dap Sugar Willie and Freda Payne; ESPN’s Joe Thiesman and Mike Patrick; Politicians, Attorneys; Tedtalk speakers, authors and Global leader, Thandeka Tutu- Gxashe (Bishop Desmond Tutu’s oldest daughter). She has also consulted sales teams, executives and entrepreneurs. Rhoda was a presenter for the 2020 Denver Startup Week, Women’s Leadership Foundation, Second Act Women over 40, guest on Dr. Peg’s radio show and on Judith Briles national radio show “Author U”, guest presenter for Women Playing Bigger Conference and guest on the Artful Entrepreneur Podcast. Rhoda has a BA in Fashion Merchandising from Brooks College in Long Beach, California; Certificate of Makeup Artistry from Cinema Secrets in Burbank California, studying under the legendary Hollywood Makeup Artist Stein family. She is licensed to teach Personal Development from John Robert Powers in Cerritos, California and JF Images Talent Agency in Denver, Colorado. She received the Certificate of Completion of SBDC Nxlevel Entrepreneur Program in 2005 Denver, Colorado, and the Certificate of Completion Co-Starters Program, Denver, Colorado in 2018. She continues her professional education with mastermind groups, virtual courses and in networking as a Colorado Women Chamber of Commerce member. Rhoda designed and Trademarked the unique RDG makeup kits for professional women. She is passionate about wellness and infused this passion into creating her botanical makeup and skincare line as well as her statement gemstone jewelry designs. Rhoda finds her inspiration in nature, motivational speakers and books, and wellness modalities. She is passionate about encouraging professionals to play bigger with her unique style of Image Brand Strategy. Rhoda gives back to the community with her zoom conversations with leaders to share inspiring content and supports Dress for Success and Mile High United Way. Rhoda Design Group is an Image Consulting company that elevates the virtual and in-person presence of professionals for more credibility and revenue

My Story   It was the spring of 1980 when I was given the opportunity to apply makeup for the Fashion Designer Fashion shows while studying fashion at Brooks College in Long Beach California.

After receiving my Fashion degree I was given the opportunity to study with the legendary Hollywood makeup artist Stein family. The great lessons I learned translated well into many and varied opportunities.
The thousands of clients I served while working for luxury brands like Chanel, YSL, Guerlain, Givenchy at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom required makeup to project natural elegance for their lifestyles of leadership. They also wanted their makeup application to be time-efficient and convenient for travel. These requirements inspired the development of the Rhoda Design Group Makeup kits.
After years of working with several manufacturers that I met while working in Southern California the Rhoda Design Group Makeup Kits were created. Simultaneously, our Color Analysis approach was developed by partnering with the Color Expert Alice Rock.
In classes and private lessons, clients report that when they discover their best colors in hair, makeup, and wardrobe they feel empowered to feel and look their best.

“Studies show professional business women who apply best makeup practices for business earn 20-30% more”.  Rhoda Design Group makeup kits are designed to eliminate the guesswork of colors and tools necessary to achieve a polished professional look so high achieving career women can increase their confidence and credibility to achieve their goals.

The Rhoda Design Group makeup kits are 90% natural and TSA approved, complete with essential brushes for time efficient makeup application and natural wearability. They contain a tutorial card with recommendations for business and social settings.

The Rhoda Design Group business makeup tutorial videos demonstrate time efficient makeup techniques for career women of various ages and cultures.

The statement gemstone jewelry I design is introduced to offer a dynamic look for my clients, while giving them the gift of wellness.

Color and gemstones positively affect the individual energy field known as aura. When I guide my clients into wearing the colors and gemstone jewelry that best illuminate their skin tone they feel and look happier, radiant, confident and approachable. 

What makes me different than my competitors: Up to 93% of what we say is non-verbaI. I coach my clients into developing their personalized style to authentically expresses their personality and skill set while aligning it with their business brand. Classic and contemporary beauty and fashion elements informed by wellness for self care are fundamental. I have discovered women don’t care about how they look if they don’t feel healthy.

Who I am: My ethnic makeup is African, Native American and European. I honor all these in myself and choose to celebrate diversity as a lifestyle.

My Great Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Brother, Uncle and Cousin were/are Christian ministers and this is my spiritual foundation. I serve my clients with compassion. I strive to inspire my clients to be significant and successful. Since college I give back to the community by supporting non-profits.

As a child, I created art, collected rocks, enjoyed nature, listened to jazz and prayed to deal with challenging days. What is especially fascinating to me now as a grandmother is that prayer, art, music and nature still make me smile from within and opens my heart to view things from a perspective of love, joy and peace.

I find joy in being with my two grandsons and helping them see how special they are. My hobbies are painting in nature, at the park or beach with gouche paints. I like to hike and attend to my plants. I have friends of various ages and cultures and love attending art and cultural events with them. I am a lifelong learner that likes to read books and listen to experts on topics that enrich my life. I love to dance; especially Zumba and Salsa. Music is a part of my daily life, jazz, symphony and Christian music are my favorites. The song that most resonates with my heart and my brand is: “I Need You to Survive” by Hezekiah Walker. I believe “Together We Are Better!”

There are no words to express what my heart feels with my grandsons!

  I feel like I have given birth to my best friend in the relationship I have with my beautiful, smart, compassionate and fun daughter.   Supporting Tutudesk.org with Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, oldest daughter of Bishop  Desmond Tutu My Clothes to Kids Denver Friends. I have supported CTKD for many years

Supporting 100 Men Who Cook Fundraiser for Youth with friends

  Supporting Dress For Success Denver Fundraiser Event

The foundation for my life and my work is inspired by: Proverbs 31:25-26 “Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness”      

Monico Candelaria (mō-nico) is the Founder and Photographer/Videographer for Monico Photography, Inc. He started his career in his home state New Mexico where his commercial photography work in advertising, corporate and environmental portraits, helping many clients such as Lovelace Hospital, Sandia Casino, NM Educators Federal Credit Union, Furrs Groceries and many more.
In 2001 he migrated to the Arvada, CO for opportunities and to join other family members with their love for this beautiful state.
Since then, He’s been helping many businesses and individual show their best side using his camera for still and video. Monico is passionate about his work and stays up-to-date on camera equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional value.
Various clients today have many backgrounds and direction that he has helped grow their company with his critical eye and ability to catch beauty with people and their product or service that sells:  www.monicophoto.com
Karen Liz Albert is a Social Media strategist, expert, speaker, and owner of Behind Your Curtain. She has over 20 years experience in marketing, training and consulting. Karen has Launched targeted Social Media marketing campaigns ​for real estate professionals, authors & entrepreneurs. She achieves tangible marketing results for clients by strategically ​promoting brand awareness and increasing customers. Karen created the popular ​30-day social media facelift program ​that has, to date, ​helped over 350 professionals​ create and maintain a high-quality and consistent online presence that has ​lead to over 20 million in sales! She offers educational presentations, hands-on workshops and e-learning courses targeted specifically towards educating professionals on the value of ​Social Media and Internet Marketing​ for their business and their individual brand. Karen hosts her own show on​ WomenOnTV.tv and is a sought-after ​social media subject matter expert guest on nationwide radio & media broadcasts such as Pat Hiban, Inman Magazine, Online Entrepreneur Magazine + more. She is the ​lead singer in her local band​ and enjoys volunteering to aid in the needs of her community. http://www.behindyourcurtain.com/

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