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Remembrance Wellness & Yoga LLC

Traveling studio specializing in yoga for women, under-served communities and social justice and trauma healing.

Remembrance Wellness and Yoga is a traveling yoga studio dedicated to creating spaces of healing in all communities. Through our Remembrance Youth program we are able to facilitate yoga, dance and mindfulness workshops and classes to students in traditionally under-resourced communities as well as the staff, family and communities they are a part of. Remembrance Wellness and Yoga has been serving youth in this capacity grades K-12 since 2017. Our semester long, summer camps partnerships, one-time events and workshops deliver trauma informed, youth centered, culturally relevant and representative yoga and wellness programs in a variety of educational and learning spaces. We partner with local schools directly, school districts, sports teams, youth facing organizations, and community-based programs when sharing the healing and character building benefits of yoga.

The Black Baby Collective is a recently formed organization designed to support Black families throughout the duration of conception through high school and beyond. BBC provides doula and other pre/postnatal services, homeschool support, as well as connections to therapists and more. The BBC is currently focused on supporting Black families new to homeschooling with curriculum development, scheduling, enrichment options, and pod formation. 

Kinyata Jackson is the founder of both Remembrance Wellness & Yoga LLC as well as The Black Baby Collective. Mrs.Jackson has dedicated her life to serving, empowering and advocating for youth and their families. She brings over a decade of formal education and even more time spent leading children in informal learning environments including mentorships programs, coaching and museum gallery coordination. Kinyata has taught in public, private and charter based schools. 

Kinyata Jackson 

Remembrance Wellness & Yoga LLC


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