Serein Naturals Face Kit

Suggested Use:


#1 Burdock Foam Wash: Shake before use; pump into hands, massage in, and rinse with luke warm or cooler water

#2 Hazel Skin Toner: hake well before use; wipe over and press into face (and neck if desired) with cotton rounds (work better than cotton balls).

#3 Customized Face Oil: Try with 1 pump of oil, dispense more if needed. I like to pour some of the Hazel Skin in my hands and mix with 1-2 drops oil for added hydration. I also usually spray my face before and after moisturizing with vapor distilled rose water.

Every 2-3 days:

Turmeric Mask: You can wet face and massage in like a wash or apply to dry face and leave on for 10 mintues before rinsing with cool water. Mask may tingle at first, but will calm after a mintue as it drys and using cool or cold water with a wash cloth will help calm skin perfectly while removing dead skin and dirt. You can then use the burdock wash or go straight to step #2 toner.

Face Scrub: Use everyday 2-3 days and gently exfoiliate face, rinse. 

Please make sure you’re using sunscreen as well! 


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