Hair Gold KESH - 4 oz

Today, many people buy bundles of weave from the heads of Indian girls and women, but why haven’t we widely used their Ayurvedic hair care methods to eliminate common hair ailments and grow our own hair? Well now you can! With Hair Gold KESH you get all the benefits of combining herbs and natural powders native to India into 1 easy-to-use hair oil. KESH literally means HAIR in Hindi, but in Sikhism (a monotheistic religion, KESH is the practice of allowing one's hair to grow naturally as a symbol of respect for the perfection of God's creation. Hair Gold KESH has ingredients native to India like:


  • Amla – Promotes hair growth, natural conditioner, slows gray hair development
  • Neem – Controls dandruff, nourishes scalp
  • Shikakai – Cleanses scalp & hair, strengthenshair roots, makes hair silky, etc…
  • Brahmi – Ayurveda's most potent hair vitalizer, it detoxes scalp, strengthens & lengthens hair, reduces hair loss, etc…
  • Aritha – Soapnut powder, cleanses hair acting as a natural shampoo, giving it volume & bounce
  • Fenugreek seeds, ginger powder, & much more!  


Disclaimer: ***PLEASE DO A STRAND & ALLERGY TEST FIRST*** INDIANS MAINLY HAVE DARK HAIR AND AMLA POWDER ESPECIALLY COULD MAKE HAIR DARKER AND WILL STAIN so applying in the shower is recommended. It doesn’t have a dyeing effect on everyone’s hair so it’s recommended to do a hair strand test to make sure you like the results and an allergy test overnight behind the ear to see if any redness or irritation occurs.


Directions: On your wash day, completely cover hair in Hair Gold KESH, cover with a plastic cap or bag and let it sit for 30-60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. You can apply to dry or damp hair so it’s up to you when in the Wash Day process you feel it’s best / most convenient to apply (before shampooing, after shampooing, after 1 shampoo, etc..).


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