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Philip Curtis | Poet

Writer, spoken word artist, and mentor, Philip J. Curtis is a native New Yorker with roots in Jamaica West Indies, now residing in Colorado Springs

Writer, spoken word artist, and mentor Philip J. Curtis is a native of New York with roots in Jamaica West Indies, who arrived on the Colorado Springs poetry scene in 2006 bringing with him a brand of New York City swag along with the sensual sun of Jamaica West Indies.  Mr. Curtis established luvsaverb.com in 2007 combining his love for music with his poetic flow.

Philip aka Midnight is also an avid community steward.  He has facilitated poetry workshops at various high schools, and colleges.  He has supported non-profit organizations such as CASA, LifeWithoutLupos.org, TESSA, Finding Our Voices, and Art from Ashes.  He is a founding member of Hear Here Poetry and in 2009 he established Poetry 719 on Facebook to foster and support the freedom of self-expression in spoken and written word through community connections, education, and poetic unity for all ages.

Mr. Curtis will release two books in 2020 to celebrate his forty years of performing.  The titles of the book are Haiku: The Ultimate Short Story which is a collection of haiku’s and poems.  The second book that he will release is entitled After Midnight which is a collection of his erotic poems.

-Written By Philip J. Curtis

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Phillip Curtis _ Websize square

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