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Jonny William | Phiilo | Electronic

Jonny William | Phiilo | Electronic

 Originally from Philadelphia, I was raised on blues and R&B and with Bluegrass. Recently we've been trying to incorporate a lot more of that blues and  hip-hop type Style.

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Interview With Johnny From Phiilo

How did Phiilo get started?

My name is Jonathan Etheridge,Everybody  calls me Johnny and my producer is name is Nick Carruth.  I’m originally from Philadelphia. He’s from Vermont. We met  in Boulder Colorado and I was ordering a drink and just humming a song and he came up to me and he was like, oh that sounds pretty dope and I was like thanks man.  We started talking about music. We met up and started jamming and honestly things kind of took off musically from there about a month later. We started a little blues band. I was lead singing he was playing guitar. We had full band and we did that for about two years.  Nick and I were so into EDM music. We were just like, you know, why don’t we just go for it? And we started group called electric Hippo.

What’s your background in music?

Originally from Philadelphia, I was raised on blues and R&B and with Bluegrass. Recently we’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more of that blues and  hip-hop type Style.

EDM stands for electronic dance music but there are so many sub genres within the genre of EDM like  house music. I got into EDM because the vibes everyone has. When I meet people a EDM shows The Vibes are always good, everybody’s open to new sounds. I think that’s why people like PHIILO so much.  What we do is we incorporate that bluesy element, that live element which I feel like again that EDM crowd fully Accepts it.

Where do you see you’re heading with the with the music?

honestly, I I just want to travel the world playing music for everyone. I’m just keeping my options open for now to me to be completely honest with you. it’s confusing for everybody’s trying to figure this music life  out

I’ve been working with a lot of producers out here recently because Nick just moved back to Chicago to finish his master’s degree in Psychology.  I still definitely am making music doing it virtually for now, I’m still out here in Denver, there’s so many producers sending me tracks I’m incorporating that that hip-hop vibe.

What messages are you trying to convey to your music? 

I like coming up with some power chords and melody,, something catchy with nick. He’ll send it to me and honestly, what I’ll do is I’ll put the headphones on and I’ll just kind of walk around the block or walk around my apartment and just get a vibe from where the music takes me.  what it makes me think about whether it’s a girl or whether it’s a certain situation, that’s going on in my life right now or anything. I think I feel like that’s what music is, you know. Just the way to express life.

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