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We are building the most dynamic
black directory in Colorado

We currently have 300 listings in our online directory, our goal is to have 500 reviewed listing by February 2019 when we have our official launch and publish the first issue of the My Black Colorado Magazine.  Listings are always being added, reviewed and categorized. This is an extraordinary project for anyone to take on. We currently have all volunteer staff, but we would like to compensate them for the work they are doing.  Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor at  $25-$100 a month, to help us develop these free resources for the community


My Black Colorado

506 East Moreno Ave. 

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


This is were we conduct official business, team meetings, and host networking events.  This building in general houses many organizations and events that support the local black community.  We believe this is a symbolic location for our headquarters to be located at.  Please help us to  lease and maintain our headquarters by becoming a monthly sponsor at $25-$100 a month or more.

Featured Team Members

Online & Print Magazine


Ralph McCoy


Air Traffic Controller

Graphic Designer

PHF Designs 

(469) 719-2546

Ralph McCoy has been a part of our team almost since the beginning.  He is an amazing graphic designer who is creating an digital and print magazine to  highlight many quality people and organizations in Colorado Springs. There will be a regional directory included in this magazine that includes all the verified listing we have reviewed for the Colorado Springs area.  This magazine will be mailed out to our distribution list and  circulated in popular centers that our community gathers like the church and the beauty salons.  Our goal is for our magazine to become a house hold item when people are looking for verified and reviewed listing. Our long term goal is to have a regional magazines release throughout Colorado once a year, so people will be able to view listings from thier region of Colorado.

Marketing & Development


Brandon Bornes


Youth Service Specialist 

Creative Director

BornesPro Media

(719) 629-7482

Brandon Bornes  founded My Black Colorado. He is the Creative Director of BornesPro Media and has many talents.  He designed the website, social media accounts and online directory database, and many other online systems to help make My Black Colorado Scale-able and relevant for years to come. He also currently manages official communications, and takes the lead on organizing meetings the  My Black Colorado team.

Brandon Bornes  is essential to  helping raise awareness and support for what My black Colorado is doing, while at the same time implementing a structured platform for My Black Colorado to build on.  

What People Are Saying About Us

We are making an impact in our local communities!

Very informative, helpful, and inspiring. I attended my first my black Colorado meeting last week, everyone there inspired me in a different way. It was the jumpstart I needed.
Hannah Juniel
Handcrafted Treats
My Black Colorado has been a blessing to me! The unity and support that I have received has been such a significant aspect of my journey in becoming an author and entrepreneur. Brandon, his wife and the rest of the crew are an awesome and inspiring force in the black community here in Colorado Springs! Keep up the awesome work!
Tina Adams
Author & Motivational Speaker
An excellent gathering of black businesses, community leaders and influencers that will help grow the community positively. Amazing people and events.
Michael Williams
Financial Services