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Omega Psi Phi Fraternity: Xi Pi Chapter

AboutnSince 1974, Xi Pi Chapter, “the Rocky Mountain Ques” & it’s Uplift Foundation have been a staple of service in the Colorado Springs, CO community.nnCompany OverviewnAn audacious and bold group of sons of Blood and Thunder founded the XI PI Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in July 18th, 1974. The (9) founding members are; Samuel C. Hunter, Willie M. Bratcher, T.C. Chambers, Harold M. Clay, Andrew Gaither, Jerome D. Reed, Delano Robinson, Ernest E. Varner and James L. Washington.nnXI PI continues to be an active participant in the life of Colorado Springs. Over the years, the chapter has been involved in a variety of community activities, such as sponsoring a high school academic incentive stipend, providing higher education scholarships, participating in the Colorado State Adopt a Highway program, tutoring and conducting life skills classes for young men at the Tutmose Academy, and supporting the Angel Tree Project.nnEmbracing the new millennium, Xi Pi is focusing its energies on programs and activities that will have the greatest positive impact upon the lives of Colorado Springs residents. The chapter will focus its efforts on the following key programs: (1) Providing scholarships annually for college-bound seniors, (2) The Health Fair, (3) The Dr. Charles Drew Blood drive, (4) The High School Talent Hunt to showcase local talent, (5) The Holiday Giving Project to assist families in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and (6) Colorado Springs Teen Court, (7) The Educating Children of Color Summit, (9) The African American Youth Leadership Conference.nnIn 2003, the Xi Pi Chapter established their 501(c)(3) Uplift Foundation. This Colorado nonprofit foundation is designed to provide an increased and sustained level of support for educational and mentoring activities. Certain programs will operate under the direction of the Uplift Foundation. Support for programs will be provided as usual by the Foundation and the chapter through personal and corporate contributions, our annual Golf Tournament, and the Omega Showboat Talent Competition.nnMen of like ideals and of like attainment dwell together for the uplift of mankind. Since 1911, men of Omega have always served the community and sworn allegiance to Omega Psi Phi and its cause. We, the members of Xi Pi Chapter, will continue that tradition.n

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