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Nikkita McPherson | Colorado College

Nikkita McPherson | Colorado College

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Diversity & Inclusion Program CoordinatornnWorner Campus Center Office 233AnnNikkita utilizes her creativity to support the curation and implementation of annual events, programming and initiatives in her role as the Diversity and Inclusion Programs Coordinator in The Butler Center. In collaboration with her colleagues, Nikkita supports International and Undocumented Initiatives, advises student organizations, supervises The Butler Center Internship Program, facilitates #BeyondCC programs, and serves as the program coordinator of the Enclave Living Learning Community in collaboration with the residential life coordinator.nnPrior to joining the staff of The Butler Center, Nikkita worked as an Outreach Director organizing educators in over 50 schools in the South Bronx (NY) to engage in educational policy within their school communities, the city and the state. Through her organizing work, Nikkita supported the development and implementation of programming that responded to the needs and interests of educators, such as spoken word events centering cultural responsive teaching and the Women of Color Book Club for educators throughout New York City. In addition to her organizing work, Nikkita collaborated with the National Director of Diversity and Inclusiveness and the National Training Team to develop and facilitate Diversity and Inclusiveness Leadership development sessions.nnNikkita earned her BA in geography from Dartmouth College and as a first-generation graduate, Nikkita decided to earn her MA in Teaching and Curriculum Design from Relay Graduate School of Education. During her time as a ninth grade Global History and Geography teacher, Nikkita developed curriculum that centered cultural responsive and relevant pedagogy and project based learning.nnNikkita shares her passion for all artistic mediums through the development and implementation of programming, initiatives as well as teaching and learning experiences to continue to ongoing work of diversity, inclusion and equity at Colorado College.

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