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Naturally Defined Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Services

Black owned Denver Studio offers Personal Training, Group Fitness and Nutrition Coaching
We’ll Get You Fit and Healthier!

Naturally Defined Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Services is an 1100 sq ft studio located in South Denver owned and operated by Certified Exercise Physiologist, Blenda King. With over 15 years in the Fitness and Nutrition Industry Blenda brings expert knowledge, experience and ability to help people of all ages to realize their fitness and nutritional goals.
Blenda has always been an athlete and physically active and wanted to have her own gym since High School. After learning of her mother’s disposition to diabetes and her father’s high blood pressure she wanted to make a greater impact in her community and with people of color.

Program offerings include In-Person AND Virtual Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, Small Group & Couples Fitness Training and provide:
– Weight Management (loss, muscle gain)
-Energy Boost
-Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
-Overall Health

Reach out when you’re ready to get healthier!

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