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Legacy Nominee

Ms Veronica Luckett

Ms V has been the Director at King Baptist Childcare and Preschool for more than 13 yrs. She has built a center in Park Hill that is very well known in the community as a safe, caring place to take your children ages 2 1/2 to 11 yrs. She sees that they get a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks every day. She puts on a beautiful Christmas program, also a spring program and graduation ceremony complete with cap and gown for those going on to kindergarten. She has these kids so well prepared for kindergarten! She teaches with a firm hand and a loving heart! She is always loving on these kids and their families. There are parents that were her students that bring their children there because they know what a safe loving environment it is. She helps families with clothes and other necessities when needed. There isn’t a better place in Denver you could take your kids, many come back to see her long after their days in childcare are over. I have a very special place in my heart for Ms V and King Baptist. She is truly an example of what a daycare, preschool should look like!! She deserves this recognition as she works in a very important field that the importance of for our young developing children is too often overlooked or taken for granted!! Thank you!!

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