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Legacy Nominee

Mrs. Wilma Webb

Mrs. Wilma Webb fought for years for the State of Colorado to adopt Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr as a holiday.
Denver, CO has been known to have one of the largest Marades (combination of a March and a parade) in the U.S.
Mrs. Webb was a member of the Colorado Legislature in 1980 and became the first minority woman on the Colorado Joint Budget Committee. She sponsored over 44 bills, 11 which passed, including the Comprehensive Anti-Drug Abuse Program; Elderly Frail People to Receive Care at Home as Opposed to Nursing Home Placement; and Improvement of Living Conditions for Troubled Youth. She also worked hard in helping her husband, Wellington Webb, become the first African American mayor of Denver in 1991. Mrs. Webb has continued to be very active in the community for numerous years. She has left a legacy for others to carry on the torch.

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