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Mona David

Mona David

Job Coach

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I am a Job Coach/Recruiter with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center. I assist with setting career objectives and determining priorities, discovery of competencies and skills, and how to make use of hidden talents and transferable skills. I also provide tools and resources to assist in overcoming barriers with employment, such as resume & cover letter tailoring and interview preparation, or referrals to our workshops. I assist in job searching, specific to the client’s needs to acquire sustainable employment with livable wages in their preferred field of training. I also work with community organizations and businesses to facilitate enrollments for jobseekers, as well as communicate the benefits and opportunities available to businesses. My goal is to bend the privilege of my position to service the under-represented/serviced minority communities (in the area of Job Coaching/Recruiting) existing in Colorado Springs. Although I do not work in the Education system, my job includes a motivational teaching aspect which helps to break unhealthy patterns in finding employment – clients learn confidence in their skills, talents and abilities and how to apply that confidence into gainful employment.

I work for the Pikes Peak Workforce Center (not an Educational Institute), motivation and support. I’ve been told I have bonding/support stock. I do thrive in making connections that will benefit all parties involved., My expertise is facilitating relationships, process improvement

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