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Marques Bellaire Was Nominated By The My Black Colorado Community To Be Featured

Featured Nominee

Marques Bellaire

Active | 4 years in the Air Force Reserves


Nominated By chrystal Bellaire

What can we celebrate this nominee for?
This airman goes above and beyond his duties as a civilian and a Airman. He puts his family first as well as his military obligations. He has helped his unit grow in many ways, I couldn’t be more proud to call this man my husband . 


Interview Questions


What do you do in the reserves?

Cyber Systems Operator or 3D0X2

What was the biggest reason that led you to join the military?

The biggest reason why I join the military was my family. I was just barely engaged when I decided to join. I needed a way to help support my young family.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in the military?

The biggest lesson I learned in the military is to not doubt yourself. I came into this career field with no prior experience and was very intimidated. Fast forward now, I am the Subject Matter Expert for my workshop, administering over $14billion worth of technology.

Has the military made you a better person?

I say it enhanced some features that were already there. The military gave me the limelight to act upon my leadership and knowledge. Both, has led to achieving accommodations.

What area of your life has the military helped you grow the most in?

The area of my life the military has helped me grow the most in is the act of being assertive. Before, I was a little introverted and lack some self-confidence. The military had broke the shell of my shyness and made me into an outspoken leader.

What is your perspective of patriotism?

Patriotism, in my definition, is the act of not only being loyal to one’s country, but to acknowledge how this country came to be. It is the act of accepting the horrific events in the past, and using the lessons from the past to build upon a brighter future.

What was your experience transitioning from active duty to civilian life?

I enlisted straight to the Reserves. However, the knowledge I have gained from the military made it really easy to find great careers.

What do you do, post active duty?

In my civilian side of the house, I am an Information System Security Officer for L3Harris Technologies

What advice would you give to others transitioning into civilian life?

Networking is crucial! Still keep in good contact with former unit members and put yourself out there on job sites!

What are things that people should consider before they decide to serve their country?

  1. Be mindful that serving can have you miss important family events.
  2. Your spouse or immediate family member is serving with you. Like answer #1, they will have to deal with some sacrifices
  3. Entering the military is not easy. Stay positive and keep the end goal in sight
  4. You are entering a group where only less than 1% of the population serve. Feel proud of yourself!


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patriotism is an interesting topic given this country’s history with African Americans. So in my opinion, it is always somewhat difficult to express what patriotism truly means to me…I’m ultimately protecting this country and my loved ones who reside in it, from enemies foreign and domestic and that what it boils down to for me.

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I believe a patriot is someone that has love or devotion to their country.  I love what I got to do for my country. I appreciate the opportunities my service has afforded me.

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Air Force Command, Assistant Director of Operational Inspections

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While I don’t wrap myself in an American flag and run around yelling, “America, America!” I did feel it was my duty to serve my country.

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