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How To Get Paid For Sales

All Payment will be done through Paypal Payouts Platform, If you do not have Paypal, pleae create an accoun at www.paypal.com

Steps to Setting up your Payouts Through Paypal.

Step 1: Log into your paypal Account at www.paypal.com

Step 2: After you login to paypal, go to this link to access your APi Signature that is needed to connect your paypal to our marketplace https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/mytools/apiaccess/firstparty

Step 3:  If your API signature is not enabled, Select “Request API signature”, and click on “Agree & Submit” button.  This will create an API signature for you

Step 4: Your API credentials will appear.   Click on “Show” to see your API  Credentials. 

Step 5: Copy your “API Username”, “API Password” & your “Signature”.  These will be used to set up your marketplace payments.

Step 6:  Login into your My Black Colorado account at www.myblackcolorado.com/login

Step 7:  After You Login, go to https://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/settings/

Step 8:  In the “settings” tab that is already selected, there is a sub menu tab called “payment” Click on the payment tab.  Choose “paypal” as preferred payment method.  Enter your paypal email.  Enter your Paypal API credentials that you copied earlier

Step 9.  Press the save button in the lower right corner.  Your marketplace payments will be set up for all future sales.

Getting Paid After A Sale

When a customers purchases one of your products off of our marketplace, you will receive an email notification. This email notification will contain all the customer information and the sale information.  If you have a free product/service or consultation listed, you will still receive a notification with all customer , so you can follow up with the customer.  [View Sample Email Receipt Below]

To request funds please follow steps below

Step 1:  Login into My Black Colorado at www.myblackcolorado.com/login

Step 2:  Go to the withdrawal link at https://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/withdrawal/

Step 3: Select All orders that you want to request the funds from, Then press the button in the lower right corner that says “Request”.  The Marketplace Admin will be notified that you  requested the funds for your order, and they will release the funds to you.  MY Black Colorado guards against fraudulent transactions and scams by reviewing orders before funds are released.

Step 4: You would receive an email notification of your payout when the money is transferred to you.   You can also track your payouts at at this link


Verifying Order was sent To Customer (Required)

My Black Colorado needs confirmation that every sale that was made on My Black Colorado was fulfilled.  Failure to verify order fulfillment will delay future payouts and can result in the deactivation or deletion of your vendor account. 

How to Verify Order Fullfilment

Step 1: Login into your My Black Colorado account at www.myblackcolorado.com/login

Step 2: After you login , go to this link to see orders still processing for fulfillmenthttps://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/orderslist/?order_status=processing



Step 3: Click on the  5 digit order number in blue (#00000).  This will take you to the specific order you want to update fulfillment status on. 

Step 4: When your order has been fulfilled, Please click on the  “order  status” drop down menu that says “processing” and change it to “completed”, then press the update button  to notify marketplace admin that order was fulfilled. 

Adding Products, Services & Consultations To Marketplace

Please Read Before Adding Items To Marketplace 

Our Marketplace is focused on the products.  Please list your best selling, featured items on our marketplace. 

Product Title | Every item listed requires a product title

Price + Shipping Costs | My Black Colorado does not charge extra to customer to ship products that are purchased through the marketplace. Vendors must calculate shipping price for each product. The price of shipping should be included in the listing price of the product.

Inventory | If you want to manage how your inventory is sold on our marketplace, click on the “inventory” tab on the product page.

Images | Each product added to our marketplace requires an image to upload. Please have these ready before you add product.

Product Descriptions | Each product requires a description to be added.

Product Category | A category needs to be selected for each product. If there is not category that represents your product, you can create a new category.  New categories re reviewed before added to our marketplace. New Categories could be modified by Administration.

Product Tags | A product Tag is required for each product.  A product tag is 1 or 2 words that describe your product.

Virtual Products | If your item listed does not require shipment, please select the “virtual” tab

Downloaded Products | If you want for your customer to download a document as part of their purchase, please select the “download” checkbox.  After you select the checkbox, a download tab will appear at the bottom the the product page, please select file to upload your product.

Shipping | Tax | Attributes | Linked | SEO | Advanced | Please DO NOT EDIT any of these tabs when addign your products to our marketplace.

Steps to Add Items to our marketplace

Step 1: Login into your My Black Colorado account at www.myblackcolorado.com/login

Step 2: After you login , go to this link to add Item to Marketplace https://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/products-manage/

Step 3:  Fill out all required information, which is labeled with a red asterix  ( *

Step 4:  Press the “submit” button in the bottom right corner.  If your submission is not accepted, you will be notified on what else need to be added.

Step 5:  To edit products that have already been submitted, please do to this link https://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/products/

Connecting/Importing A Shop

My Black Colorado offers a wide array of integrations to help connect your existing E-commerce shops into our marketplace.  Please choose a shop you would like to connect to our marketplace and follow the directions below.  If your e-commerce shop is not included please contact us so we can problem solve with you.

Connect Etsy Products

  1. Create a Vendor account at www.myblackcolorado.com/marketplace/membership
  2. Login To Your Etsy Account | www.etsy.com
  3. Enable two- factor authentification | www.etsy.com/your/account/security
  4. Register Developer Account & Create API | www.etsy.com/developer/register
  5. If you need help, watch the tutorial on how to create API  Key | https://youtu.be/dueVkMWDzB
  6. Add API information and shop name to this link | https://myblackcolorado.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=e2w-importer
  7. Please follow import directions exactly or it will not work

Connect Shopify Products

    1. Create a Vendor account at www.myblackcolorado.com/marketplace/membership
    2. Please Follow Video Tutorial below
    3. Email Us at info@myblackcolorado.com when this step is finished
  1. Login To Your WordPress Account Backend (wp-admin)
  2. Go to: Tools > Export and choose products, then choose blue tab at bottom that says, download export file.  The file will be XML Format.
  3. Email XML File to info@myblackcolorado.com
  4. We will import your product list, with images your marketplace vendor account.

Connect Etsy Products

  1. Follow Directrion on Wix on how to export product data. https://support.wix.com/en/article/exporting-products-in-wix-stores
  2. Email us the CVS file adn your vendor information  to info@myblackcolorado.com
  3. We will upload products your vendor account 
  4. You will need to manually upload product image for each product before  it is approved for the marketplace.

Connect GoDaddy Products

  1. Download Google Chrome Plugin to export Go Daddy Products as a CSV File.
  2. Login to your My Black Colorado Account
  3. Go to https://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/products-import/  to import CSV File
  4. Go to https://myblackcolorado.com/vendor/store/products/ to view your products that wree uploaded and clean up listings before they are published to the marketplace

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