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Luchals Catering | A Burst Of Flavor

Luchal’s Gourmet opened its doors in June of 2015 by proud owner and Chef, Luchal.  She was born and raised in Compton, CA and has always been passionate about culinary arts. After joining the army, her passion for cooking deepened. She began cooking and serving soldiers while in the service, earning a stellar reputation. When she retired, Luchal decided to expand her talents to the public. This ambition associated her with some celebrities for who she served as a personal chef. Having served such prestigious individuals as Rion Evans, Trina, Dru Hill, Tony Toni Tone, Adina Howard, and Carl Thomas; Luchal sought to expand her level of achievements even further. 

Luchal would soon become a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and win numerous culinary competitions. Inspired by an idea to bring a variety of entrees made from scratch to the local area, Luchal opened her own gourmet. There is no doubt she takes pride in ensuring that every dish is made to perfection. Her personal philosophy is that a chef is only as good as her last dish. 

Chef Luchal aspires to become a major chain throughout the state of Colorado and United States. She plans to dedicate a percentage of her proceeds to a second endeavor; a program for troubled youth who have a passion for cooking. 

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