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Ranti In Review

Shot In Collaboration With Nordstrom. All Words Are My Own.


Staying at home more due to COVID-19 and working from home have fueled my interest in loungewear and more relaxed fits. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy dressing up even if it’s for a quick trip to the grocery store or while sitting at my desk to respond to emails; but there’s something so satisfying about donning a coordinating loungewear set or two.

There are many leisure style pieces out on the market, in today’s post I want to help cut the noise by sharing style pieces from one of my absolute favourite active/leisure wear brands. Zella is one of my current go-to lifestyle brands, with pieces ranging from everyday wear, to workout styles and more. I frequent the Nordstrom site to browse and shop new Zella pieces, like the set I casually styled in this post while on a recent stay-cation. I shared a post featuring a few of Zella’s, need a refresher? Please find that post here.

Shop My Loungewear Picks

What I am Wearing

Grey Pullover Hoodie HERE | Grey Pants HERE | White Crop Socks HERE | Matte Red Lip Pencil HERE

While shopping the site, do take advantage of Nordstrom’s many services. Including getting a personalized advice on fashion and beauty with a one-on-one 30-minute video call. It’s set up to make your shopping experience seamless.

Thanks to Nordstrom and the ShopStyle team for Sponsoring on this post.

I appreciate you stopping by and I look forward to catching up with you again soon! Keep safe and take care of yourselves.


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Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

I’m Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard, born in Nigeria, but I currently reside in beautiful Denver, CO. I studied and earned a B.A. in Marketing but I’ve always been drawn to fashion, art and all things creative. Fashion is the key to my being, I devour it.  I’m also inspired by architecture, art, people, other cultures, music and much more; so it was only natural to share my inspirations and fashion journey with you all.


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