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Olivia Back | Let Us Eat Cake

"The reason I started vegan baking was because my oldest daughter was entering preschool and we realized a lot of kids in her class had allergies. I wanted to have a birthday party for her, but I wanted for all the kids to be involved. Everybody can have cake, everybody can have snacks. I wanted those kids with allergies to be able to have everything all the other kids have. It was really about inclusion to start with but there are a lot of benefits to being vegan. Cancer is one of the leading causes for death in the united stated and that comes a lot from red meat. Vegan food has no read meat in it. Vegan is also better for the environment. "
Colorado Springs is such a great place to be. Not only for healthy eating but for healthy living. As our population continues to grow, there has also been an influx of people becoming increasingly health conscious. It looks as if Vegans are on the rise! Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal derived ingredients. To be a Vegan, refers to a person who follows this way of eating or a person who does the diet itself. Written by Emerald Yaylor

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