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Leonard Anderson Photography

I'm a self-taught photographer. I don't have a degree in photography. I learned on my own. I guess. I'm a visual learner and anytime I try to shoot something new
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About Leonard Anderson

Can you explain to us what it is that you? 

I’m a self-taught photographer. I don’t have a degree in photography. I learned on my own. I guess. I’m a visual learner and anytime I try to shoot something new, I  go do some research on it and figure out what I need to do and then go practice it. I primarily focus on portraits and head shots but fashion is kind of my personal passion

How did you get started?

I guess you can say I started at a young age. my uncle used to take me to the Navy Yard every weekend to take pictures.  I watched him develop film in the dark room. Then I joined the army when I was 18. I bought a film camera so I could capture some of my travels. I took pictures everywhere i went; Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain, Thailand, California and Maryland. Years later, MY wife saw that I was getting more serious about my photography, and set me up to take some local photography workshops in Denver.  In 2015 I decided to start my photography business And the funny thing is I didn’t know what I wanted to shoot.

What are you learning about your industry?

I have seen the transformation of how images are developed. Back in the day my uncle showed me how to develop film in the darkroom.  Now images are digital and we can enhance them in a way that I would have never thought possible.  

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I guess I would have started sooner with actually learning The Art of photography instead of just spending so many years just just taking pictures, hoping to get the right shot.


Photography By Leonard Anderson

Black Manifestations

Who are the models?

The models from left-to-right are: Dominique Bargaineer, D’kilwayte Johnson, Lesia Michelle, Romain Washington-Duke, Alicia Myers, and Danielle L. Taylor. The Concept Developer and MUA is Tennisia Littleton of TL Professional Services, LLC. The Project name is: Tribal Manifestations of Us: Part 1.

Where did you shoot?

Kymora Jaxson Photography Studio in Aurora, CO (now closed).

Why did you choose this theme?

Tennisia and I collaborate on photo shoots either with her as the model or one of us comes up with a concept and then we talk it over then make it happen. This was one of those shoots where we  wanted to do a Wakanda-themed shoot with some of the models that I had previously only worked with at fashion shows. The studio shoot gave us an opportunity to work with a variety of models and showcase their talents collectively. What we didn’t know is that these models have been wanting to work with us as well, so it worked out perfectly! -Written By Leonard Anderson


Tennisia Littleton-Broberg

Why did you chose to shoot Tennisia?

Tennisia and I always create some amazing images when we collaborate. This particular shoot was the first one using my (new at the time) Phase One IQ3 100MP Medium Format camera. I told her that I wanted her to be the first model that I shot with the new camera. When I first met Tennisia back in 2017, during the course of our conversations, she mentioned that she was Native.  This particular photo allowed her to be herself and show a side that is rarely seen. We didn’t really shoot with any particular agenda. She brought multiple outfits but this was one of my favorites and we shot two different sets. I remember that she seemed to be quite at peace during this photo shoot and very relaxed. One of my favorite photos of her even to this day!

What Techniques did you use?

This photo was shot using two strip boxes with Tennisia sitting perfectly centered between them. I believe that this was one of the first shoots where I started using this particular lighting setup. -Written By Leonard Anderson


Jessica Baumann

Why did you choose to shoot Jessca? Jessica is another model that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with at various Denver fashion shows in 2017. After taking most of 2018 off from doing fashion shows, I saw Jessica in September of this year at the Colorado Tattoo Convention & Fashion Show. We talked and caught up briefly. I expressed an interest in doing a shoot in the studio and in her football uniform. I had just recently noticed that she played on a woman’s football team and wanted to do a different kind of fitness shoot. Our schedules finally aligned late in October for the shoot.

What Techniques did you use? I had recently bought some high-end LED lights to do headshots and fashion shoots in studio. This shoot was one of the first shoots that I could use my RGBW LEDs for something other than headshots. I used 2 x color LEDs and a Profoto B1X strobe with a medium Octobox and grid. The LEDs were turned toward the white Cync wall and set to the team’s orange and blue colors. The subtle pop from the gridded strobe was enough to light Jessica without blowing out the backdrop and washing out the colored background. I also shot tethered with my Phase One IQ3 100MP Medium Format camera and Wacom Cintiq LCD tablet to ensure the images were sharp. -Written By Leonard Anderson

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