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We all have our flaws but a skilled photographer is able to bring out the beauty in us all. Jeanette’s view on how she views, captures, embraces and brings out the beauty in her clients describes the passion and care she puts in every session.
“I want to be able to capture a genuine photo.” Says Jeanette
Jeanette’s passion for photography has touched her in such a way to give back to her community through self-empowerment, self-love and self-care.
“I want to be able to empower woman and allow them to feel beautiful, to exist in photographs because our children are watching. If we don’t feel empowered and confident, our children won’t either. I want to make legendary photos, passed down through generations, photos that you can be proud of.”

Tips & Tricks

Jeanette offers some insight on what she’s learned during her journey as a photographer.

As you can see Jeanette’s wisdom and experience allows her to be the photographer that she was destined to be. Many of us are passionate about something but we allow little things in life that has little or no significance towards what we need to accomplish. To know more about Jeanette and her work please follow her link below. And remember “You are good enough already”. -Jeanette

Article Edited By Emerald Taylor

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