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Lauren Scott | Grace Springs Counseling, LLC

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Lauren Scott | Grace Springs Counseling, LLC


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Hi, I’m Lauren.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado. I work with women and girls who experience anxiety and depression, who have had past traumatic experiences, or who are simply wanting to gain more confidence and get more in tune with their inner guidance. I am proud of my ability to sit with people in pain and listen. I am also a proud advocate for women of color to experience healing for themselves and their families.

I bear the scars of my own battles with anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences and my personal faith deconstruction journey. I have learned to own my story and mine the treasures of pain, sorrow, and grief from it. In that sense, I consider myself as much a practitioner as a wounded healer. I graduated from Colorado Christian University with a Masters in Counseling in 2015 and my approach to therapy is curious and open.

I am also an Eco therapist. Ecotherapy is a fancy term for taking therapy outdoors. I found my way to ecotherapy because I felt I did not have the tools to meet the deep needs of my clients. I had become disillusioned with current strategies and head-based tools — they all leave our physical body out of therapy. Through my ecotherapy training, I discovered the tools to support the healing process already happening within my clients and how to be an advocate rather than an expert healer.

My story is a bit unusual because I haven’t always liked being outside. Now, I’m someone who helps others connect with nature as a healing force, which makes me proof that anyone can overcome barriers to enjoying the great outdoors.

Our path to wholeness holds the key for living with passion and purpose. Together, we can find our way home. Connect with me today!

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