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You need a reading? I got that. I have over 14 years worth of experience with the divine art of tarot and energy readings. You need a motivational speaker? I am that. I come with 10 years worth of time spent speaking to youth and service providers. You need a poem? I write that. You need a medicine/mojo bag? You need some help with love, Money, luck? I make that. You need someone to marry you and your honey? I do that. I am an ordained minister (no really I’ve married two couples already). You need somebody to come and clean bad / toxic energy from your home or workplace? I got you. Schedule your appointment today. You need a medicine woman? I am that. You need some deep dish 7 cheese baked macaroni and cheese? I make that. You need a hug? I give good ones. You need a healing? I can make that happen. You need affirmations? I live that. I often travel with a box of affirmations that I give away. You need an all female cover / tribute band to Wu-Tang? I’m in that…Introducing GHOSTFACE KILLAHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO COULD GET ILLER! You need a poetry workshop? I run those. You need a performance artist? I am that. You need a host / MC for your event? Former host of Cafe Nuba. I have over 10 years experience hosting everything from Hip Hop Show, Poetry venues, Radio and Television shows. I do this. You need magic? I make it. You need a Goddess? Contact me. I got you.

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Brandon Bornes

Brandon Bornes

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Rosenna Bakari

Dr. Bakari is an author, advocate, and scholar. She is a role model for those whose life experiences have been steeped in challenges of oppression.

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