Young Trailblazer Nominee

Kelajanae Curry

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Nominated by Melva Hall

“Kelajanae Curry is an honor student at Sierra High School. She is a dual enrolled student who is involved in the Peak Education program. She is involved in the Elevated Program sponsored through the SACHS Foundation and is a Stroud Scholar through Colorado College.

She started her leadership experience during the 8th grade at Panorama Middle School where she was student body president. She has attended the STEM camp for three years where has learned how to become a good leader. She is currently in student council and was the first “Student of the Month” for the 20-21 school year. All of these programs have given her the opportunity to do volunteer service throughout the community.

Kelajanae also enjoys participating in sports. She plays basketball, tennis and volleyball, and runs track. She sees it as a way to stay physically and mentally healthy. She is an inspiration to her school and community.”

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