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Kadari Taylor-Watson

Kadari Taylor-Watson

8th Grade Science Teacher, Kids Teach Kids Teacher, Learning Coach at Third Future School at Coperni 2 Charter School in Colorado Springs

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Growing up my father turned every occasion no matter how big or small into a history lesson. When we would travel in the car for long road trips, he’d quiz us in almost every state, testing our knowledge about Black American historical events. As a young girl, I was annoyed by it, but as I got older and realized that knowing my history was a source of empowerment, I was grateful that he valued education both in and outside of the classroom. Now as a PhD candidate and a K-12 educator, I work hard to help my students see their subjects of studies in their everyday lives so that they also can feel empowered by knowing. I do what I do because I want to help provide tools of empowerment for the next generation just like my father did for me. Using a project based curriculum complementing the situated knowledge of my students, I strive to provide them a safe space for inspiration, innovation, and transformation. and emotional statements made by Black Diasporic women through the use of African print., and material cultural studies and is also the focus of my dissertation where I examine the social, Currently, gender, I work for Third Future School at Coperni 2 Charter School in Colorado Springs. However, last year I worked as a Visiting Lecturer at Colorado College within the Feminist Gender & Sexuality Studies Department, My expertise is in race, political

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