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Legacy Nominee

Justus B Morgan

My pastor Justus B. Morgan
Part of the Colorado Springs Community over 80 years , Pastor and his Family have dedicated their life to Ministry. His father the Senior Chester E. Morgan, founded Morgan Memorial Chapel Church of God in Christ in 1918.

Many Families in the community, military and some just passing through have found a home, a place of worship, a place of deliverance and a place to find peace in their weekly routine.

Pastor Morgan has been active with NAACP over years past. He is a man of prayer, sound faith and is known as a pillar founded by our Lord and Savior Jesus to follow the direction of Christ for the Church Family and the community.

Some of the youngest members have been with the Church for over 40 years. Others have been members for more than 60 years. Our Pastor is an humble man, who lives the life, and leads as he’s directed by Christ. Tradition is fine, but his way of leading is known to be dynamic, simply because he doesn’t make a move without the direction of Christ.

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