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June Waller

June Waller

June Waller
Written by the citizensproject.org in 2014

Most people know of June C. Waller as an essential part of our Colorado Springs community. Her involvement and commitment to the vitality of the community is unparalleled. June, a long-time resident of Colorado Springs is the proud mother of three daughters, six grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. June received her Bachelor’s degree in business from UCCS and acquired additional education at the University of Northern Colorado in the field of communications. She is an alumnus of Leadership Pikes Peak and has attended the Center for Creative Leadership twice in two different decades. June’s career has centered on management of affordable housing within Housing Authorities and private-owned housing for over 35 years. Now a retiree, her responsibilities included strategic planning, personnel training, staff and residents counseling on sustainable quality of life improvements, research and composed presentations to community groups both military and non-military on housing environments. June’s expertise has been recognized in her appointment by Governor Lamm to the Nominating Commission for the selection of District and County judges. The first female to sit on the District Court came during her tenure. Currently she sits on the Citizen’s Transportation Advisory Board (CTAB) as an appointee by City Council to represent the new City Council District #4. Additionally, her knowledge is requested and welcomed amongst all types of local community groups. June’s recent involvement includes participation in League of Women Voters, Administration Team; Colorado Prince Hall Foundation, Vice-Chair. She sits as a member of; District 11 Foundation, Savvy Seniors, NAACP Executive Committee, Citizens Transportation Advisory Board, Black/Hispanic Coalition, and the Police Chief Citizen’s Advisory Board. As of September she created at the Hillside Community Center and the Savvy Senior’s office a service to the community, Southside Community Resource Services as a means to distribute community information to seniors and families.


June launched the Colorado Springs Chapter of Colorado Black Women for Political Action in Colorado Springs, which is still active today.

June was a part of the Consultant VI, where were a team of amazing locals from Colorado Springs who published a monthly pamphlet called the marketplace. The marketplace highlights black business and events in Colorado springs, and help the community collaborate better with each other. the team members for the Market Place included: Jacqueline M Shepard (Editor), Beverly Pegues ( Report Director), Franklin Clay (Reporter), Doris McCullough Advertising), June Waller (Community Affairs), Franklin Clay (Subscription/Distribution)

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June Waller

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