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Juliet Miles | Tendo Photography

I am a portrait artist. My passion for photography. I was born and raised in Uganda. Through photography I can bring to reality some of the musings of my imagination.

About Me

I am a portrait artist. My passion for photography ignited about 20 years ago while traveling around the world.  I went on to earn my college degree as a photographer. A few years later I earned my certification with Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  I am currently an adjunct instructor at Pikes Peak Community College teaching fundamentals of photography classes.

I was born and raised in Uganda.  My childhood there was during the turbulent times of President Idi Amin.  When I was a teenager, my family fled to the United States where we began a new life.  We arrived here with nothing but a suitcase each and our faith in God.

All these years later I am blessed to have professional photography as my outlet for creativity. Through photography I can bring to reality some of the musings of my imagination.  At my studio I can create portraits like those shown on this page. My work has been published in Creative Magazine and Shadow and Light Magazine. Most recently a portrait I created entitled “African Sunshine” was placed in the Loan Collection of the 128th Annual Exhibition of PPA’s International Print Competition. I can only give God glory for such an accomplishment.

My company is named Tendo Photography.   Tendo means “Praise” in Luganda, the language of the Buganda tribe in Uganda.  Tendo Photography is about serving God by helping others and giving all the glory to Him.  

I create portraits for businesses, families, artists, individuals, and high school seniors.  I also produce story-telling videos for businesses and high school seniors.

In addition to being a member of PPA, I am a member of the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs (PPGCS) and Christian Professional Photographers (CPP).

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