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JLynngG Beauty

JLynngG Beauty

My desire is to illuminate and showcase the natural beauty in each client I service. I believe that each woman/ young lady, no matter her ethnicity or age is beautiful and phenomenal in her very own way. My mission is to take your personal vision of beautiful and make it your reality. I accomplish my goal by providing you with phenomenal customer service and high quality hair/makeup artistry.

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I was created to do this!
Hi, I’m Ms. Jamie. I am the PROUD Artist and owner of JLynnG Beauty! I was born and raised in the innovative city of Flint, Mich. I relocated to the beautiful city of Colorado Springs in 1996. I attended and graduated from International Salon & Spa Academy in 2003. My childhood dream was always to own my own salon. I remember going to the hair salon as a child and admiring the ladies that came to get their hair “did”. I loved watching the stylists create beautiful hairstyles for every person that came into their salon. I am living out my dream of changing the world one style, one smile and one client at a time! I am so excited to be able to serve every person sits in my chair! It’s my dream come true!

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