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Jeffrey Cooks | Peak City Athletics

Why do you do what you ?
My brother and I started Peak City Athletics. We are Colorado natives who grew up in the city, and we’ve played collegiate sports. I also am a high school sports coach. My brother and I realized that there was a lack of specialized training in the areas of football and basketball in Colorado Springs. We wanted to come in and have a positive impact and help.

We have high participation numbers in Colorado Springs, but the participation doesn’ t always lead to collegiate scholarships. We’re haven’t been producing enough high-level athletes out of the area even though the talent is here, and its a great place to train. We need to focus more on development

What does your organization focus on?
We are a multifaceted organization. We develop athletes to compete at the next level. We do community events to help raise funds for different community organizations. And we do consulting for some of the athletes that do break through, helping them market and present themselves the right way.

Where do you see your organization headed?
We want to secure a permanent facility to train out of, launch a football camp this summer for youth and high school athletes, and grow in our community outreach programs that raise support for local organizations.

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